Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Weight gain & Lyme part two

Hello all,

Today is a momentous day for me, I was finally able to fit into a pair of jeans!

Two years....

After two years of treating the Lyme/spirochete infections and having an extreme weight fluctuation from putting on a lot to loosing a lot it seems the weight fluctuation has now stopped and the swelling has ceased.

I have spent two years observing other people who are able to wear jeans with ease but for me this was not the case at all.

In a way I was quite envious but I knew deep in my heart of hearts after talking to others who had been taking antibiotics for five years or more yes the weight does stabilize and once one is clear of any infection the weight goes back to normal.


I am so happy I am getting back to a normal weight and I am able to wear normal clothes like every one else.
Before I would try to put on some nice shoes and because of the swelling I would be crippled in pain and agony I would not be able to put any sort of shoe on other than trainers.

Today I was able to put on a pair of shoes other than trainers as well!

Keep Going...

All I can say is I shall keep on treating myself with MMS and going to Oxygen therapy I cannot say for how long but I shall keep updating.
Keep going with whatever treatment you have chosen to do it is worth it really it is.

Yes this is a momentous day for me that is for sure.

Here is the link to part 1 of weight gain & Lyme:
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