Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sunshine, Heat & Lyme

Hello all,

I have not written for a little while because well we have been enjoying the lovely sunshine well the little sun we do get in the UK.

The sun really does make a difference I know many who have been diagnosed with M.S cannot stand the heat or the sun for that matter but we have to remember what Lida Mattman said "Multiple Sclerosis should be renamed Multiple Spirochetes"

Lyme/Spirochetes do not like heat or sun so of course it goes without saying these pesky spirochetes will make it as uncomfortable as possible for the host so the host gets out of the sun or any heat.

I noticed in the past as soon as I used to go in the sun or a sauna or hot bath my skin would become extremely itchy and very uncomfortable and then i would get numbness and electric shock sensations.
It would get so bad I would just dive under the shade or get away from the source of heat a quickly as possible!

 Now after treatment....

Now i know different and I am treating myself killing off the infection the affects of heat and going into the sun are much better I mean I can actually stand it!

No awful painful itching or electric shock sensations my eyes can cope as well unlike before treatment it would feel like I had poured acid into them they would burn and become very uncomfortable and ache.

Yes I can now have hot baths, which is something one should do when treating Lyme/Spirochete infection.
I am certain that when the Spirochete infection is not being treated with antibiotics or MMS or other treatments then yes having Hot baths and saunas could be detrimental as the infection always goes to the weakest areas and will not allow the host to go into the sun or a sauna.
While treating the infection this in turn is weakening the Spirochetes therefore having hot baths and saunas would help further to kill off the infection.

Now I am not 100% sure how people who are suffering with Fybromyalgria or CFS are affected by the sun or heat I can only guess it's like M.S.
I have met a few parents who have mentioned how their own children who have been diagnosed with autism also cannot cope with heat or sun.

The Sun is now my friend!

Yes now the sun and heat are my friends and are now helping me rather than hindering me.
Now i can enjoy both and can now relax when I have a sauna or a hot bath because if i do feel slight tingling or slight itchiness it's the Spirochetes trying to put up a fight but they are weak and will eventually give up the ghost will be no longer in my body all thanks to the MMS!

Lyme Girl x

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