Monday, 10 December 2012

The Panic Attacks & Lyme are you crazy?

Hello all,

Panic Attacks are probably one of the scariest experiences one goes through when you have a Spirochete infection it's really awful!
One can feel like the panic will never subside and you can't breath.
I have suffered from the panic and I managed to find a brown paper bag to breath into to calm my breathing down. I would be crying and I would not be able to function properly my brain just stopped working as it were all I could feel was sheer panic.

The First

The first panic attack I had I was driving my car,  I had to pull over and park.

I was all on my own luckily, I say luckily because I would not want my children to witness their mother loosing it.

I had no explanation of why I was experiencing the Panic Attack.

What also came with the panic attack was a racing pulse, I could hear the thud thud of my heart in my head!

I felt this terrible feeling of impending doom like the world was going to end there and then.

Then the sweating started and sweat was dripping and the back of my neck and hair were sodden!

And so it went on...

From that day onwards the panic attack turned into many gosh anything would set it off yes anything!
I really thought i was going crazy, I thought that's it I am going to have to admit myself into hospital or start taking antidepressants or Valium!.

These panic attacks were unexplainable because we had just bought our new house and everything was very exciting I was happy to have our new house a home we could call our own.

The house was in a nice area my husband at the time had just got a new well paid job my children had made new friends and were excited about being able to decorate their new rooms, we were able to get some pets.

Little were my husband I to know that we had the Spirochete infection, yes we knew I had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis we were just coping with that on a day to day basis trying to live as normal life as possible.

Yes we were all very happy with our lives.

Then the panic attacks started with me, how could this be? nothing traumatic had happened I was happy.

The panic attacks got so bad I was finding it hard to lead a normal life.
Driving was out of the question I became confused,  it was like I was suffering from amnesia sometimes.
My mind was just go blank I would not be able to remember my own date of birth even.

I suffered from chills just before the panic attacks, my chest would feel so tight like someone was standing on my lungs no not someone an elephant!

While all this was going on with me my husband started to develop breathing problems now he had been diagnosed years ago with asthma but this was not asthma.
He was coughing up liquid.
He went to the doctor who surprise surprise found nothing wrong with him!

I thought maybe there was something wrong with the house or the land or something else maybe the cats we had?

Long story short.....


Well my husband and i have divorced now and the children and I are living in another house now.
My panic attacks left as quickly as they came after I had suffered them for about 2 years.
Although feelings of fear were still with me and feelings of impending doom yes they never left but I did not get the full blown panic attacks.I suppose like all the symptoms I just learnt to live with them it was not nice.

I was able to start driving again and I was able to start to live a normal life again.
Now I have found out about Spirochete infection and extensively researched it we can defiantly say Lyme/Spirochete infection was the cause of all those panic attacks.


Now I have started treatment those feelings of impending doom and the fear have totally gone.
I now finally can actually relax and I feel safe and calm all of the time.
The flight or fight response has now righted itself in me and I suppose I am now more of a normal human being.

So if you are feeling like you are going crazy because of panic attacks you are not it is more than likely a Spirochete infection and if you have not done so already get yourself tested.
If you are reading this and you already know you have a Spirochete infection realise panic attacks are a symptom of the infection you are not crazy.


 **Always consult a LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor) or your own health care professional.** 

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