Monday, 10 December 2012

Fears & Phobias

Hello all,

I wrote about my panic attacks in the previous post :

I realised I did not write about my fears that I used to suffer from I thought to help others if I wrote about what fears I used to have it may just help others.and to see you are not on your own and you are not going crazy!

When the panic attacks started I would fear:
The end of the world
The dark
being on my own
Map reading
Opening any mail (Yeah I know paying bills nobody likes) for me my heart would race I would have uncontrollable sweating.
I became almost agoraphobic and found it extremely hard to leave the house.
New places
Loud Noises i.e fireworks
Any new experiences
Anything I did not within my usual day to day living.My brain just could not cope with that it would be like I would have a complete and utter breakdown so to speak.
People being aggressive.(I would just totally not be able to cope and I would sweat profusely)

Now before the panic attacks all of the above were never a problem for me then the panic attacks started and my fears and phobias started.
I am sure there were more than the ones I have listed I just can't remember them all.

Now I am treating the Infection I do not suffer from the above fears and phobias thank goodness.
Lyme Girlx
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