Sunday, 28 October 2012

Re-occurring Bite Mark and Lyme

Hello all,

I have not written for a little while because I have been rather busy more about that on my next post.
I wanted to talk about my re-occurring bite mark.
What is a re-occurring bite mark i hear you ask?
With Lyme and co-infections it is the usual occurrence that the bite mark reappears anywhere on the body and sometimes never near the original bite.

Some don’t even remember being bitten or some may have congenital Lyme and spirochete infections.
If one has congenital Lyme and spirochete infection they will get a bite mark like the person who passed the spirochete infection on to them who did get bitten..

Both my children do display a bite mark like my original bite mark I got from the horse fly.
Refer to this page regarding my children’s congenital bite marks:

The bite I got was on my right thigh and I have noticed my right side of my body being the most affected by spirochete infection symptoms.
Well I have a bite mark that has appeared on my right ankle there is also slight swelling and this is not a new bite mark not at all.

As you can see in the photo below the mark looks quite strange to say the least.

"Re-occurring bite mark/Spirochete rash"

The re-occurring bite mark I have I have had for many years and now i come to think about it yes it has reapperred in cycles 6 week to be exact.
I used to go to the doctor about this strange type mark and was told :
“you must be allergic to something”
“Change your diet”
“use this antihistamine cream”
The doctors could never quite put their fingers on what was actually afflicting me.
Well it wasn’t a bulls eye rash was it no why?
Because I was bitten in Europe not the U.S.A.
The U.S.A infection of Lyme produces a Bulls eye rash in Europe this is not the case.
Sometimes there is no rash.
I do remember the bite from the horse fly very vividly now I have connected the dots.
"A Horse Fly"

I do remember the pain of the bite and the rash/mark afterwards.
I am hoping with my use of MMS that eventually one day I will be rid of this strange bite mark forever well here’s hoping.

 I do have faith that MMS will do the trick all be it will take time but hey I have had the infection with all it's strange symptoms for such a long time at least the infection is now finally being treated properly.
I am sure if i was on antibiotics the same recovery symptoms would appear but I am sure the antibiotics would take longer than MMS but that is only my own personal opinion.
With the mark creams and ointments do nothing and all I can do is be patient as my body with the help of MMs slowly but surely gets rid of the spirochete infection.

Lyme Girl

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